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3 Reasons to List Now

Edward Wall December 21, 2022

Ask any agent and the best time to sell is usually "right now." The truth is, Winter 2022/2023 is a great time to list, and here are 3 reasons why. 

1.) There is practically nothing on the market right now, which means buyers who have to move to have to make a choice based on what's available. Plus, supply & demand have higher price points and more negotiating power. 

2.) Interest rates hit an all-time low a few weeks ago and are trending back up. Albeit, still single digits, as the interest rate continues to increase it will lower the amount of purchasing power a buyer has. So, we are advising buyers to take action now. 

3.) It's cold and it's the holidays, people are around to look at homes. There's not much else to do. 
If you have any questions about what you can do to prepare your home for the market, feel free to reach out to me via phone or email. I’d love to chat with you. Edward

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